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2016-01-18 17:30:43 by MicroMashons

Hello! So it seems like the response to my update was... poor. And I am completely aware of that and I apologize for being vague. But It's a new year and with that I've decided to be the transparent person that you deserve! It's time to announce what that "Big Project" is. Now I kinda already announced it a week or two ago on my YouTube channel. But, I'm going to say more stuff here then I said on my YouTube video. Ben and Bear! Is a 5 episode web series in the works that needs to be funded through "INDIEGOGO" Speaking of IndieGoGo, that will be coming out in early March, I want to take time sorting out rewards and making it look insanely presentable for poeple wanting to donate becuase that is UBER IMPORTANT. Ben and Bear is about a kid and his pet bear and they go on adventures and let their curiousity bring them places they've never been. I need 5,000 USD from IndieGoGo to make all 5 episodes 100% POSSIBLE. This project means a lot to me and I've been evolving it since April of 2015 and I hope it can be an amazing thing that people of all ages will love. I WILL be making a video about this campaign near release of it and put it here. I will also be making one for YouTube. So you will be hearing so much more about this in the future. Thank you for sticking with my stubborn, silent ass and I think it will pay off in the long run!

Halloween Video Out!

2014-10-23 18:38:21 by MicroMashons

Please Check it out in my movies! Feedback and ratings are so freakin apreciated!

 Hey guys, Here are the release dates of the last two projects of the year. Untitled Halloween Cartoon: Oct. 28.  Chris & David 2: War is Every Laughing Matter - Dec. 28 These animations are 2x improvments of my previous ones so I hope you guys like it! Check out my Facebook for more info!


2014-09-09 22:21:18 by MicroMashons

Hey guys. This is my first news post... Theres not that much news to post though. For one, the Halloween cartoon is coming on or before October 31 (of course). Chris & David Episode 2 is coming this December! Woot! Woot! Don't worry the animation is actually decent this time. Theres also an actual storyline this time (Hoorah)! Also if you like Halo or Bungie games or whatever, then you'll definitely be interested in this cartoon. Also I only brush it a few times but check out my Facebook page for frequent updates, clips, pics, notices, etc.  Or check out my Second YouTube channel for extras and other stuff like that.... Yay!!!