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Entry #4


2016-01-18 17:30:43 by MicroMashons

Hello! So it seems like the response to my update was... poor. And I am completely aware of that and I apologize for being vague. But It's a new year and with that I've decided to be the transparent person that you deserve! It's time to announce what that "Big Project" is. Now I kinda already announced it a week or two ago on my YouTube channel. But, I'm going to say more stuff here then I said on my YouTube video. Ben and Bear! Is a 5 episode web series in the works that needs to be funded through "INDIEGOGO" Speaking of IndieGoGo, that will be coming out in early March, I want to take time sorting out rewards and making it look insanely presentable for poeple wanting to donate becuase that is UBER IMPORTANT. Ben and Bear is about a kid and his pet bear and they go on adventures and let their curiousity bring them places they've never been. I need 5,000 USD from IndieGoGo to make all 5 episodes 100% POSSIBLE. This project means a lot to me and I've been evolving it since April of 2015 and I hope it can be an amazing thing that people of all ages will love. I WILL be making a video about this campaign near release of it and put it here. I will also be making one for YouTube. So you will be hearing so much more about this in the future. Thank you for sticking with my stubborn, silent ass and I think it will pay off in the long run!


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2016-05-13 15:42:22

hey guy I'm coming back to newgrounds
but my laptop had got a start up loop glitch
due to the programming of windows10